Automatic Faculty Listing and Bios for Academic Department Sites

Any department can list their current teaching faculty using this plugin within their department site. Here’s how:

Create a new page for your listing.

In the page editor, wherever you want the list to show, type in the following:

[faculty dept=”CODE”]

The “CODE” above is the Banner 4-letter designation for your academic department. Here are the codes — select the one that applies:

College of Arts and Sciences

  • ARTD Art and Art History
  • HEPE  Athletics,Health & Physical Ed
  • BIOL   Biology
  • CHEM  Chemistry
  • CLPR  Classics, Philosophy, Religion
  • CPSC  Computer Science
  • ENLS English, Linguistics, and Communication
  • ESGE  Earth and Environmental Sci
  • ECON Economics
  • GEOG  Geography
  • HIPR  Historic Preservation
  • MATH Mathematics
  • MSCI  Military Science
  • MDFL Modern Foreign Languages
  • MUSC Music
  • PHYS  Physics
  • PSIA    Political Sci & Int’l Affairs
  • PSYC   Psychology
  • SOAN Sociology & Anthropology
  • THDA Theatre & Dance

College of Business

  • AMIS   Accounting and Mgmt Info Sys
  • MNMR Management and Marketing

College of Education

  • CUIN  Curriculum and Instruction
  • FLSP   Foundations, Leadership, and Special Populations

Once you save the page, it should look something like this:

Faculty Listing by Department

Click image for full-size view

Clicking any faculty member name will give you the bio page:

Individual Faculty Bio

Click image to see full-size view.

That’s it!