Categorizing Documents in the Repository

Each document at UMW falls within certain areas of the University. These documents need to be categorized so that people can search for, and display, the document(s) most relevant to their users, and to their department site. Mostly, you cannot have your document accessible to others until you complete these cateogories! This tutorial shows how to do that.

Open up the editing screen of the document you want to classify. In this case, we are on the screen for “Application for Readmission.” Scroll to the lower part of the screen:

You will see four boxes in the right-hand column. The first three (3) are required. You can pick as many of these within each box as you want:

Required categories

In addition, there is one non-required category that you can select if it is applicable:

Degree Program Category Boxes

When you have clicked all the applicable categories, and are ready to make your form available, click “Publish” as you would with a regular Page or Post.

Publish Button

Your form is now in the library for others to use.

Need to update? View the tutorial on Updating a Document in the Document Repository.