Re-Ordering Pages: Pages Tree View

There is a convenient way to re-order your pages using “Pages Tree View.” Tree page view is a way to drag-and-drop your pages into place. This is a lot easier than the standard WordPress way of ordering pages, and we encourage you to use this as it will save you a lot of time.

You can get to the Pages Tree View in multiple ways:

There is a Pages Tree View panel in your WordPress dashboard:

Dashboard Panel for Page Tree View

I dragged my Page Tree View panel to the top of my dashboard. Yours may be at the bottom. Want to manage your dashboard? Visit

There is another link to this panel under Pages:

Page Tree View link under Pages

There even is a Posts Tree View if you want to re-order the display of your posts, overriding the save date order for display purposes:

Posts Tree View

Once on the panel, it’s pretty intuitive. Simply grab and drag your pages into place.

To see a screencast of someone using CMS Page Tree View, check out this video:

YouTube Preview Image