Using SlideDeck

SlideDeck is one of the options available to create slide shows on your web site.  The webmaster write an article comparing the options.

  1. Make sure that each of the pictures that you want to use in the SlideDeck has been saved.
  2. Launch the Slide Deck application (in the left menu).
  3. Click Create SlideDeck in the Custom Content section.
  4. Give the show an appropriate name.
  5. Click on the Image Slide button.
  6. slide_deck_image_infoBrowse for the first image.  (Note:  You may also choose the option to upload multiple slides.  Click on that button and find the slides that you want to upload.  Click the first slide, hold the shift key and click the last slide.)
  7. 3If you want the image to link to a webpage, enter the URL.
  8. 4Change the Title to something that is appropriate.
  9. Change other options as appropriate.
  10. Click Apply.
  11. Change any options that you wish to change (set-up, appearance, etc.).
    slide_deck_options-setup slide_deck_options-navigation slide_deck_options-lenses slide_deck_options-Appear slide_deck_options- playback slide_deck_options- content
  12. Click Save SlideDeck.
  13. Go to the page where you want the SlideDeck.  Put your cursor at the spot where you want the show.
  14. Click Insert SlideDeck (above the tools).
  15. Select your SlideDeck.
  16. Update or Publish your page.