Add a Department Advisory

This tutorial shows you how to add an urgent announcement to your website AND have it display on the “Campus Advisories” page.

Go to “Advisories > Add New” in your Dashboard:

Add New Advisory

Add an advisory title and content — just like a page or post:

Adding Advisory title and content in Editor

To the right of the Editor, you’ll see a box called “Advisory Expiration.”  If you want to post this now, keep the box checked next to “Is this advisory currently active?” Also, it defaults to a 24 hour expiration time. This can be set anywhere from 1 minute to 72 hours, but no longer. The announcement will automatically expire at this time. You can expire it manually by going back and unchecking the box.

Expiration Box

Once everything looks good, publish as you would a page or post:

Publish Advisory.

The advisory will be seen by the users as follows:

From the UMW Home Page:

Campus Advisories link on the UMW home page 

On your desktop, laptop, or iPad, click on the link in the header of the UMW Home page.

Campus Advisories on Mobile Home Page

On your mobile device, click on "Campus Advisories" on the UMW Mobile Home screen.

On the Campus Advisories Page:

Advisories display on right

On your desktop, laptop, or iPad, current Department/Division advisories display on the right.

Menu on Mobile Advisories Page

On your mobile device, select the menu icon and select "Current Department/Division Advisories"

On Your Web Site:

Advisory Banner on Local Site

On your site, on your desktop, laptop, or iPad, the advisory will display as a light red banner at the top of each page on your site.

Mobile Version of Local Site

On your site. on your mobile device, the advisory will display in a light red banner at the top of each screen on your site.