Blog Home Page Layout

As discussed in the video tutorial on posts, WordPress posts are chronologically ordered, timely discussions, ideas, essays, announcements — in short, a blog post.

EagleEye Home Page

EagleEye, using a different theme, is a great example of how blog posts can be used exclusively to populate content and keep it fresh.

As a rule, you’ll need commit to creating a new post at least every week or YOUR HOME PAGE WILL DIE. If I see a home page with a three-month old blog post as its main content, I’m not coming back, and I’m looking for the site admin’s name in the obituaries, rest their soul.

But maybe your site is for a department or program that has regular updates, announcements, and events. If you are a site administrator with blogging experience, or a faculty member who enjoys ongoing comment and dialogue online, and can see yourself regularly posting something pertinent to your visitors, the default blog page layout is THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY TO KEEP VISITORS COMING TO YOUR SITE.