When to NOT Use the Repository

If the document you want to link to has a short shelf-life, like flyers, unfillable brochures, invitations, etc., and is only used on your site, then it makes most sense to upload it to your site’s “Media Library.”

View of Media link on sidebar.

To do so, in the dashboard of your WordPress site, click on “Media” on the left-hand side


This will drop down a menu below that looks like this. Click on “Add New”:

This will give you a screen to browse and upload your documents:Page to upload new media.

Browse to the documents on your computer, that you’d like to import to your new WordPress site. You can select them all, or just a few, or just one. Your choice. Highlight the file(s) you want, and click “open”:

Browse to file you need and click open

Now that the file is uploaded, you will get a screen that allows you to edit the properties of this file. You have the option of editing the title so it is more readable, and of adding a description. AS PART OF THIS STEP, PLEASE COPY THE URL OF THE FILE — YOU WILL NEED IT FOR THE NEXT STEP

In the dashboard of your WordPress site, click on “Pages” and then click on the page that’s now a blank page where your document used to be. In this case, the page “Fitness Center Inclement Weather Plan” used to be a PDF file on the old site:

Selected Link to Page that used to be a document

Scroll to the bottom of the screen. There you will see a panel called “Page Links To.” Type in the URL of the location of the file you just uploaded to your Media Library:Screen with field to enter document URL

When you are done, go to the top of the screen and click “Update.” This will officially update the blank page with the URL you just pasted. You can go in and edit this at any time.

Update button on Page editing screen.