Document Repository

The UMW.EDU WordPress environment includes a new feature: a central Document Repository for forms and documents that are shared throughout the organization. A group of people for each organizational area shall be the designated Document Managers. The tutorials in this unit address the management of the WordPress Document Repository.

If you are not a document manager, click here to learn how to link to these documents within your Web pages and posts.

The repository allows for persistent links to documents so that when they are updated, no links will break if the filename is changed, and all parties will always be linking to only the most recent copies. This is achieved through the use of WordPress “permalinks.” The diagram below describes the basic concept behind the repository:

Diagram of Document Repository Concept

Since the older versions never go away, and are listed and dated as previous versions, you can bypass the permalink and link directly to an older version’s filename if that is appropriate (as is possible during transitions in semesters). However, in most instances, the most recent version is what should be assigned the permalink.