University-Wide Policies on the Web

We have a new WordPress plugin, developed by Curtiss Grymala, called “Board Docs XML Parser.” This plugin enables you to display a listing of your department or division University-wide policies that are hosted in Board Docs. The best part of this is that you need set it up only once, and it will always pull the current data! Here is how to use this great new feature:

Activate the Plugin

Go to Plugins > Installed Plugins:

Go to installed Plugins

On that page, find “Board Docs XML Parser for WordPress” and click “Activate.”

Activate Board Docs XML Parser

Wait until the message “Plugin Activated” shows up in yellow at the top of the page.

Displaying Board Docs Policy Listing in a Widget Area

Go to the Appearances > Widgets and find the “Board Docs XML Feed” widget, dragging into into your selected sidebar widget area:

Board Docs Widget

Open the widget settings in the sidebar. Type in the title of this widget — In this case, I’m typing in “University Relations Policies.” Then, select “Feed Type: Active Policies.”

Board Docs Parser Widget Settings

Pull down the “Show What?” Menu, and select either an entire division OR a department (Note: Only one may be selected at a time. If you need another, place another widget in the area.)

Save the widget. Here it is in place:

Policies Widget

Displaying Board Docs Policy Listing In a Page

In some cases, when you have a long list of policies, a widget area may be too small. For these cases, you’ll want to place the listing in the body of a page. To do this, you’ll need to type in a “shortcode”.

Create a new page for your policies and title it. Then, type the following into the main editing area:

For an Entire Division’s Policies:

Copy and paste the following line of code into the editor:

[boarddocs-feed type=ActivePolicies book=”YOUR DIVISION BOOK NAME”] 

You’ll need your Divisions book name. Division book names listed below (copy and paste EXACTLY what is shown, including the listing letter (B., C.,  etc.)

B. Board of Visitors

C. Office of the President

D. Academic Affairs

E. Administration & Finance

F. Student Affairs

G. Advancement/Univ.Relations

H. UMW Foundation



Shortcode for Division Policies


For a specific Department’s Policies:

Copy and paste the following into the editor:

[boarddocs-feed type=ActivePolicies section=”YOUR DEPARTMENT SECTION NAME”] 

You’ll need your department’s section name. Department section names are listed below (copy and paste EXACTLY what is shown, including dashes and/or bullets, numbers, spaces which are, unfortunately, inconsistent — so just go with it!)

1. Diversity and Inclusion

1. Admissions

2. Center for International Education

3. Gari Melchers Home and Studio

4. James Monroe Museum and Memorial Library

5. Registrar

6. UMW Faculty

7. UMW Galleries

1. Facilities Services

2. Finance

3. Human Resources

4. Information Technology

5. Public Safety and Community Services

8. UMW Police

1. Campus Recreation

2. Health Center

3. Judicial Affairs and Community Responsibility

4. Residence Life

5. Student Activities

6. Student Life

1. Alumni Relations

Design Services

University Advancement

University Relations and Communications

Division of Professional Development and Regional Engagement

1. Foundation Management



Shortcode for department