Linking From Your Page Content to a University Document

The Document Repository now allows you to link to documents that are published in a single location. Rather than downloading a copy, and uploading a copy of the form(s) you need, you can locate the link already online, and use it. This link is called a “permalink.” The document can be updated, but the link need not change. So, when the original form author makes a change, you get the updated form automatically. There are designated Document Editors at the University who manage the documents in the repository. They have access to upload and change these files. Site administrators, who don’t actually create or manage forms, have the opportunity to link to the forms that the Document Editors have created.

To link to a document from within text inside your page, do the following:

Once your content is migrated, the forms you used to link to from your pages did not come with it. This is because, in the new environment, all links to forms will point to the new Document Repository. The Document Repository contains the original, up-to-date forms that have “perm-a-links.” This means that, whenever a new version is created, the link remains the same. If you want to know more about the Document Repository, please click here. The steps below will help you use WordPress to replace the old links to documents with links to their new locations in the Document Repository.

Highlight the text where you want to link the document. With the text highlighted, click on the dark rectangle icon next to “Upload/Insert.” When you hover over it, it should say “Insert Document.”

Insert Document Button

You will get a popup screen with different ways to search for the form. In this case, we know the form’s title, so, go ahead and type part of it into the search box and click “Search Documents”:

Type into search box

You will get the search results below. You an see that the form we need is the first in the list. Click the button “Insert into Post.”

The popup window will close, and you will see the new link to your form. To save, just update the page as usual:

Update the page

If you don’t see the form there, contact the Web Team so we can find out where it went.