Policies on the Web

For the purposes of web publishing, UMW has two types of policies: University-wide and Internal. The purpose of this web tutorial is to review how to publish either type of policy to your UMW website.  This tutorial does not constitute a policy — it constitutes policy publishing options within WordPress at UMW.

University-Wide Policies

The University has created a standard template in MS Word for all official policies that are University-wide. University-wide policies should NOT be uploaded to the UMW website. Rather, they are to be sent to the Office of the President to be posted into Board Docs. Board Docs is a document storage environment used for BOV agendas, minutes, and other BOV-relevant information.  As of this academic year, Board Docs also acts as a repository for all University-wide policies, regardless of whether they are approved by the BOV or not. To obtain the latest copy of this template, and the BOV’s policy on policies, please contact Martin Wilder or Ranny Corbin.

You can list Board Docs Policies in WordPress!! There  is a way to display a list of your policies from Board Docs right on your UMW website. To display a listing of your Division or Department policies from Board Docs, visit this tutorial >

Internal Policies

Posting of internal policies, relevant only to your reporting area, is optional on the website. Some areas use EagleNet for these documents, others use the networked shared file servers for their department or division. If you want to post internal policies on your website, there is no standard template for doing so. If you want to make these policies private (outside of EagleNet, the file servers, or your file cabinet), there is a way in WordPress to make sure that only a select group can access it AND to hide it from search engines. Visit the following tutorials to find out more: