Updating a Document in the Document Repository

All forms are occasionally updated from semester to semester. By updating your document using the steps below, you will be sure that any links to your document will not break. In addition, you will always have the older versions on the server to roll back to. Or, you can continue to link to the old form simultaneously if you are in a transition period.

Here is how to update your document(s).

In the document library, click on the documents link on the left:

You will now see a window of all of your documents. Select the one you want to edit.

Document Window with document selected for update.

From there, you can follow the steps you used when you uploaded the document in the first place. Click on the little round, sun-shaped icon above the editing bar, where it says “Upload/Insert”:

You will then get a popup panel that will allow you to browse to the document from your computer. To do so, click “Select File”:

Browse to your computer, find the file, and select “Open”:

Wait until the upload finishes, and the popup displays “Finished”:

Upload is finished in popup window.

Then, click the little “x” in the upper right corner to close the panel.

X to close panel.

Click “Update” at the right of the edit screen:

Update Button

Now, when you scroll to the bottom of the editing screen, you will see a list of revisions, with your old versions there, and your new version at the top:

But wait! You get a phone call that the new form is wrong, and you should wait to update it! What do you do? Well, fear not, you can always roll back. In that same window, you will see a link called “Make Document Current.”

Click that link, and it will re-assign the “permalink” to a previous version, all while keeping all versions on the server. You can continue to work on the form, and do the steps above when it’s REALLY ready to update.