Menu Changes

As some of you know, we updated WordPress, our theme, and all available plugins during the week of July 4. After that update was completed, we began to receive reports that strange issues were occurring with navigation menus on various sites. Eventually, we tracked the issue down to a change that was made within Genesis, the “parent theme” used as a base to the UMW website theme. Basically, the option to enable/disable the primary and secondary navigation menus was removed in a recent version of Genesis. Normally, with Genesis, regardless of those settings, if you want a menu to appear in either of those spots, you have to create a custom menu within Appearance -> Menus. However, within the UMW theme, if you had either of those settings enabled, and you didn’t have a custom menu created, the system would automatically generate a menu based on your page hierarchy.

Since those options were not used within Genesis itself, they were removed. However, the values for those options were only removed after something triggered a change to the settings on the Genesis -> Theme Settings page, which is why no one noticed the issue immediately after the update.

Today, we updated the UMW theme to reinstate those options. If you need to enable or disable your navigation menus, either the left-hand navigation menu or the gray bar at the top, you can go into Genesis -> Theme Settings and adjust the two options in the “UMW Navigation” box.

If you previously took our recommended steps to add or remove the menus, you might need to undo those changes in order to be able to use these settings appropriately.

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