Shared Space

UMW provides shared servers where individuals and departments can share files for network retrieval.  You will hear people refer to these online spaces as the shared drive, New-Share, P Drive (the letter can change, and can be almost any letter).  All of these terms refer to the same things.

Once you are a UMW employee, you automatically have access to the common shared space (New-Shares), as well as to the space that is shared by your department (for example, Mathematics). Once you have obtained a University NetID and Password, you can easily view, download from, and upload to these folders on the university network from your computer.

To access these areas from a PC, go to My Computer.

To access these areas from a Mac, see the Go menu, and choose Connect to Server.  Enter smb://GW-FilePrint/Shares/New-Share if you wish to access the shared drive;  enter  smb://GW-FilePrint/Shares/New-Share/xxx if you wish to access your department’s space (xxx will be what was give to your department as its department’s name on the File / Print server).

Note:  To access this space from off-campus, you must first establish a VPN connection to campus.