Banner is the administrative suite of applications that manages UMW’s core functions like registration, grades, human resource information, financial aid processing, alumni information, and financial information. The links on the left lead to additional Banner resources.

If you have questions or need further assistance, please contact the Help Desk.

Link to Banner SSB

Banner SSB (Self-Service Banner)

For Students, Faculty and Staff:

  • Access their own personal information
  • Create and view Facilities Work Orders
  • Access the Parking Management System

Students can:

  • register for classes
  • check grades, transcript, or schedule

Faculty, Staff, and Office Managers can:

  • Check class rosters, enter grades, view and manage advisees
  • View personal information related to benefits & earnings
  • View operational budget queries, and handle various finance related tasks
Click to go to Banner 9

Banner 9

Faculty & Staff Only

Use Banner 9 to manage financial, student and human resource information.

Banner 9 is best accessed using updated versions of either Firefox or Chrome. For more information on Banner 9, please visit our Banner 9 page. If you have trouble accessing Banner 9, please contact the Help Desk.

Access to Banner 9 is restricted and must be approved. To justify access, users must demonstrate a legitimate need for access to confidential department data. Training is required for access to be granted.

A VPN connection is required to access Banner 9 from off-campus.