Help Desk


Windows XP security support from Microsoft ended April 8th, 2014.  Protect yourself and your data!  Click for details.

WinXPStartButtonIf your “Start” button looks like this, you have Windows XP.

The IT Help Desk provides support for technology-related problems or questions from the UMW Community.  Staffed by both full-time employees and part-time student aides, when you contact us for assistance, Help Desk representatives work to resolve your issue quickly.  If we can’t solve the issue, we route your information to the appropriate person or department, or assign a technician to contact you and address your problem.

We are not open 24/7, but we do have online resources to help you address some of the most common technology issues –  If these resources don’t solve your problem, please email, leave a voicemail, or contact us during our business hours and the Help Desk staff will respond as soon as possible.