Help Desk

Windows Update Issue

The IT Help Desk has identified an issue with Windows Updates on UMW computers where a message pops up asking you to restart your computer to apply updates, but after attempting to apply the update, it fails to do so.  The message then reappears and you are stuck in a loop where the update fails, but keeps asking for a restart.

Help Desk staff has a fix for this issue, but we need you to contact us so we can resolve it for you.  Due to the volume of users potentially impacted by this issue, we may not be able to address it immediately when you contact us.  If this is the case, we will create a ticket, and Help Desk staff will contact you back as soon as we can to provide assistance.

Additionally, if you see this issue in any lab, classroom or conference room, please report that to us as well.

Please contact us at 540-654-2255

Thanks for your patience as we work to resolve this problem as quickly as possible.


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