Hardware, Software and Systems

There are multiple online and networked resources that can be accessed by members of the UMW community using your UMW NetID and Password. Below is a list of these resources, with links to more information:


As a member of the UMW community, you will need to access University network resources and systems during your time here. Your NetID and Password will be the means by which you will have access to network resources. Each person at UMW is assigned a username known as a “NetID.” Your NetID is up to 8 characters long, and will be used to login to our systems at the University throughout your studies here. It is also part of your email address. info

Initial Password

All network and online resources require a password. Upon arrival at UMW, you will be given a temporary password. The temporary password will be eight digits long, and will be comprised of the first letter of your first name (upper case) + the first letter of your last name (lower case) + the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number* + the 2 digit designation of your birth month (e.g., April =04).  [Note: If you have no Social Security number, a password will be assigned for you.] Since your password is based on personal information, you will need to change it. You will need to use this initial password, and then change your password. Our major systems (Network, Faculty/Staff Email, Banner, EagleNet) all use this password; Student Email uses a separate password. You are urged to change your password as soon as possible.  You are required to change your AD password every 90 days. info

Password Change Form

Faculty, Staff, and Students may change their Active Directory password with an easy to use form. info login

Network File Servers

Faculty and Staff at UMW each have access to shared drives within the University’s networked servers. info login


Student and Faculty/Staff email accounts can be accessed online or via Web clients such as Outlook. info login


Our online course management system can be accessed through any Web browser. info login


Information pertinent to your student records, class rosters, registration, grades, accounts, employment, housing, personal information etc. can be accessed by logging into the UMW Banner information systems, currently hosted in our EagleNet portal environment. info login


Library catalogue and other research resources can be accessed through the UMW Libraries Web site. info login

EagleOne Card

Login to the Eagleone system to see the balance on your UMW EagleOne card, put money on the card, or ask your family to deposit money to the card for your use on campus and at participating vendors. info login

UMW Blogs

Administered through the Department of Teaching and Learning technologies, UMWBlogs is an “opt-in” system where current students, faculty, or staff who have a working umw.edu email account can sign up for a personal blog and be up and running instantly. info login

UMW Bookstore

Order books for your upcoming classes, or order UMW-branded clothing and other items, in their secure online store. info


Banner SSB

Banner is our administrative system of record, and is accessible via the Web. The Banner Self- Service system is where you can access your advisees’ information, enter grades, and change your personal information. Students register, check their grades, and access Financial Aid information (among other functions) through Banner SSB. Since Banner SSB is accessed through EagleNet, there’s not a separate password. info login

Banner INB

This is the system for use by faculty and staff cleared to manage the most sensitive data and information at the University. Banner “INB” is accessed through a Web browser. However, it requires being issued a separate set of authentication credentials to enhance system security. info login


For those at the University who purchase goods and services as part of their jobs, the Virginia purchasing system, eVa, can be accessed online. info login