UMW Login ID and Password

Most of the University’s systems authenticate through a system called Active Directory.  That allows users to utilize the same credentials for most systems.  There are a couple of exceptions to that:  student email uses a separate password, as does Banner INB.

In all cases, there are four steps to accessing the UMW systems.

Step 1: Finding Your NetID & E-mail Address

Go to and type your name in the search field with the people option selected.


Find your name in the search results. Under your name will be your NetID (sometimes called “LoginID” or “Username”) and under that will be your UMW e-mail address.

If you are unable to find your name, your account has not been created. Try again later.

Step 2: Knowing Your Temporary Password

Note: The temporary password will not allow new students to log into Eaglenet/Canvas/Etc… they must reset their password first. All new students are given an 8-character temporary password.

This temporary password is comprised of the:

Uppercase first letter of your legal first name
Lowercase first letter of your legal last name
Last 4 digits of your Social Security Number
2 digit designation of your birth month (e.g., April = 04)

If the University has no Social Security number or birthdate on file, use the Last 4 digits of your Banner ID + “99”.  Your Banner ID is printed on your EagleOne card.  It’s also found next to your name in Banner SSB (Eaglenet).

First Name: Donald
Last Name: Duck
Last 4 Digits of Banner ID: 7890
Password would be: Dd789099


Step 3: Resetting Your Active Directory Password:

To reset your password go to

Note: Due to network security settings, the password reset site may be inaccessible from certain locations such as, public schools, and military institutions. You will need to access the password reset page from another computer not on the same network.

Note: If you try too many times to change your password, or you try to login to our systems with a wrong password your account will lock. You will have to wait 15 minutes for the account lock to lift before trying again.

  1. Type your NetID in where it asks for ‘Username’.
  2. Type your temporary password in the ‘Old Password’ field.
  3. Come up with a new password that follows the password rules on the left side of the page (*) and enter your password in the ‘New Password’ field.
  4. Re-enter in your password in the ‘Verify Password’ field.
  5. Finally, click the ‘Change Password’ button (E).

Step 4: Logging Into Active Directory (Eaglenet/Canvas/Etc…):

Your active directory netID and password will allow you to log into all University systems (excluding e-mail) such as, Eaglenet, Canvas, the library databases, computers on campus, and more.

Unlike your e-mail account, you will not be able to log in with your active directory temporary password the first time. You must reset the password before logging on.

Once your password has been reset you may then go to any system that you would like to use and enter your NetID and new password to log in.

Most system logins can be accessed by clicking the icon at the top of the UMW homepage.

Image of UMW Home Page with Login Buttons

You can use your NetID and AD password to log into most UMW system other than e-mail.

Step 5:  Setting up Office 365 Student E-mail:

Your UMW E-mail account is created for you automatically, you just have to log into it using your temporary password the first time.

  1. Go to to log in.
  2. Enter your full email address (for example: and your temporary password.

The first time you log into your e-mail account you will be asked to change your password. After changing your password and logging back in with the new password you will be asked a few setup security questions; once you have answered those questions you will be brought to your mailbox.