Your Temporary/Default Password

All new students, faculty, and staff members are given a 8-digit temporary password.  This temporary password is comprised of the:

Uppercase first letter of your legal first name
Lowercase first letter of your legal last name
Last 4 digits of your Social Security Number*
2 digit designation of your birth month (e.g., April = 04)

Note: If you have no Social Security number in our systems, use the Last 4 digits of your Banner ID + 99.
Your Banner ID is printed on your EagleOne card (it’s also found next to your name in Banner).


First Name: Donald
Last Name: Duck
Last 4 Digits of Banner ID: 7890
Birth Month: January (01)
Password would be: Dd789099

Change Your Password

Your temporary password is based on personal information, so you must change it before it is used.  Changing your password is simple – and can be done by taking a variety of approaches.  See the instructions for changing your password.