Equipment Loaner Program

Summary of Program:

IT Support Services provides some items as part of our Equipment Loaner Program to employees only.  Student loaner equipment is available at the HCC Information Desk.

Equipment available for check out at the IT Help Desk includes:

  • laptops (PC and Mac)
  • portable video projectors

Loaner equipment may be checked out for a specific amount of time (under 1 week) to give an employee access to equipment on a short-term basis for university business.  Please note that this loaner equipment is not provided to function as replacements for existing equipment or for any other purpose.  A limited supply of loaner equipment is available for check out.

Prior to checking out equipment, you must:

  • Read and complete the UMW Equipment Loaner Program Form acknowledging and accepting responsibility for the loaner equipment checked out to you.
  • Be sure to fill out all of the required information on the form.
  • Provide a current and valid Faculty/Staff UMW ID card demonstrating that you are currently employed and in good standing with UMW.  Loaner equipment cannot be checked out without your Faculty/Staff UMW ID card.
  • Provide a second form of official identification (with photograph), such as a state issued driver’s license or ID card, if asked.
  • Contact the Help Desk at or (540) 654-2255 if you have questions.

Equipment Loaner Agreement

The following agreement covers the terms and conditions of the Equipment Loaner Program.

The employee and the department volunteer to participate in the Equipment Loaner Program and agree to adhere to the applicable guidelines and policies. The employee understands that being part of the Equipment Loaner Program is not an employee benefit, entitlement, or right.

Duration:  The department and the employee agree to loaner agreement for a specified amount of time unless unforeseeable conditions require cancellation.   If cancellation is required, the employee will be contacted by the DoIT Business Office at the first possible opportunity.

Financial Responsibility:  The department of the Equipment Loaner Program employee must agree to accept full financial responsibility for the costs associated with repair and/or replacement of the loaner equipment if it is damaged, lost, or stolen.  If the loaner equipment is damaged, lost, or stolen, the faculty member will be required to notify the DoIT Business Office immediately and work with Campus Police as deemed appropriate.

Purpose of the loan:  The main purpose of the Equipment Loaner Program is to provide a more convenient way for a UMW employee to use loaner equipment in their classes, conference travel, or other university business.

UMW Rules and Appropriate Usage:  All Commonwealth of Virginia and UMW IT policies concerning appropriate usage of state resources apply to this agreement.

Technical Support: The employee must call the DoIT Business office if loaner equipment repairs are required.  All calls for technical assistance must go through the Help Desk office at 540-654-2255.  The Help Desk will contact the appropriate support staff to provide the repair needed, but is unable to guarantee repair of loaner equipment within a specified time frame.

Sensitive Information: The employee will apply approved safeguards to protect UMW materials from unauthorized disclosure or damage.  By UMW IT Security policy, no highly sensitive data is permitted to be stored on the laptop.  The employee accepts responsibility for any information stored on the loaner equipment.

Equipment and supplies: The employee is responsible for transporting and connecting loaner equipment in the classroom where he/she teaches.  The employee must take reasonable and prudent precautions to protect loaner equipment against damage, loss, or abuse while in the employee’s care, custody, and control.  Loaner equipment may be used for official State business only.  Loaner equipment is serviced and repaired ONLY by UMW or their warranty providers.

UMW Liability: UMW will not be responsible for damages or losses that occur to the employee’s personal equipment, software or data resulting from participation in this program or from equipment failure or other causes.

Computer Equipment Guidance and Care:  Loaner equipment is for college-related business only.  You may not use loaner equipment for unlawful purposes, personal use, or for work for other employers.

Equipment provided for the Equipment Loner Program must not be altered or added to in any way (e.g., upgraded processor, expanded memory, or extra personal software) without contacting the IT Help Desk.

The employee should remove all files, including personal files, prior to returning the loaner equipment.  DoIT will accept no responsibility for maintaining any files left on the loaner equipment upon their return.

Loaner Equipment no longer used by an employee should be returned as soon as possible.  The loaner equipment should be returned in operable condition with all parts and accessories.  Normal wear and tear on the loaner equipment is expected and will not incur a charge to the borrowing department.  If the loaner equipment is returned in damaged or inoperable condition, the employee’s department will be charged for the full repair/replacement cost.   IT Support Staff will check the condition of the loaner equipment after it is returned to verify that it is in the agreed upon condition.

Software used by an employee is subject to the same UMW restrictions on duplication and unauthorized usage as software used in the office.  Only software with valid licenses should be loaded on the laptops.  The employee is liable for any illegal software loaded on the laptop.

Exiting the Program:  DoIT may end the employee’s participation in the Equipment Loaner Program at any given time if the loaner equipment is not being used in accordance with this agreement.

The employee will be required to return the loaner equipment on the date specified.  If the loaner equipment is not returned on time, the employee will lose the right to further participate in the Equipment Loaner Program.