Microsoft Office

Office support, free student downloads, and discounted purchases for UMW employees.

The university uses Microsoft Office as our standard office productivity suite.  We currently install Office 2016 in all labs and classrooms, and can install it on any university-owned computer.  Any employee who wants to upgrade their university computer to Office 2016 can request this install through the Help Desk.

Details follow on Office support, how students can get Office 2016 as a free download, and how UMW employees can purchase Office and other software at a greatly discounted rate.

Microsoft Office Online Support

Online help and training for Office is available from Microsoft at

Students:  Free Microsoft Office Download

Active students receive a free copy of Office as part of their Office 365 package.

To download:

  1. Login to your student email account:
  2. Click the “Office 365” link in the upper left corner.
  3. Next, click the “Install Office 2016” button in the upper right.
  4. Follow the installation instructions that follow. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Help Desk.

Employees:  Microsoft Home Use Program

UMW employees are eligible to purchase discounted products for use on employee-owned personal computers.  In the past, this was handled through the Help Desk, but this new program provides new services and support DIRECTLY FROM MICROSOFT.

Employees are eligible to purchase one (1) copy of any/all of the following:

  • Office Professional Plus 2016 for PC running Windows 7 or later:  $9.95
  • Office Home and Business 2016 for Mac 10.10 (Yosemite) or later:  $9.95
  • Project Professional 2016 for Windows 7 or later:  $9.95
  • Visio Professional 2016 for Windows 7 or later:  $9.95

Important notes about this program:

  • It is important to understand that this program is provided by Microsoft, and any purchases you make are an agreement between you and Microsoft, not between you and the university.
  • As always, the UMW Help Desk will provide all employees with “best effort” support for technical issues, but Microsoft is ultimately responsible to provide support for this program, including any activation, purchase, shipping or refund issues.
  • Employees are eligible to purchase one (1) single copy of any/all of the software products listed above.
  • Employees remain eligible for this program as long as they remain employees of UMW.  If you leave the university, the license agreement states you must remove the software product(s) from your personally-owned computer(s).
  • Microsoft provides a detailed FAQ about this program:
  • If you have any questions not answered by the FAQ, please contact the Help Desk.

How Do I Make A Purchase?

  1. Go to
  2. Next, fill in your UMW email address, program code 7C4E859912, then click “Submit.”
  3. A email will be sent to you from “Microsoft HUP <>”  Check your junk mail if you do not receive it in a few minutes.
  4. Click the “Buy Now” button in the email and follow the instructions that follow to choose and purchase your software.
  5. If you have questions along the way, you can click the “FAQ” or “Customer Service” links at the top of the purchase page.  Phone support is available by clicking the “Customer Service” link and then clicking the “Phone Support” link.