Local Administrator Accounts

Local Administrator Accounts allow a user to install software, make system setting changes, and perform other “administrator” actions on their university computer.  These accounts provide the highest level of security privileges, but they can be vulnerable to viruses or malware if not managed properly.  Since a compromised computer is a danger to the entire network, the following procedures allow approved users the opportunity to have to administrative accounts while also protecting individual computers and the UMW network.

To obtain a Local Administrator Account:

  • A request must be submitted by the employee and approved by the IT Security office as well as the employee’s supervisor.  (To access the form, you must be on-campus or connected via VPN if off-campus.  You will also need a valid NetID and password to login to the request form.)
  • Users agree to use the Local Administrator Account only when necessary to perform a task that requires this higher security privilege.  During all other times, the user will use the limited access account.