Zoom Phone

About the project

DoIT recently began a project to transition from our old phone system to Zoom Phone.  This will allow faculty and staff to access their UMW phone number from any device with the Zoom app installed, whether on- or off- campus.

Zoom Phone works with the Zoom software you’ve used for meetings and webinars. You can make and receive calls (without video) from your computer and mobile devices including your laptops, tablets, and smartphones. You have complete control over when calls ring on your devices and how you receive your voicemail.

Training videos

In preparation for the transition, here are a few training resources.

General questions

Your old on-campus desktop phone does not work with Zoom Phone and will be collected from your office once the transition is complete.  Criteria for allocation of new physical phones is currently being developed.

  • Will my phone number change?
    No.  The University will move all UMW numbers for faculty and staff to Zoom.
  • I currently have multiple phone lines on my phone.  Will this carry over to Zoom Phone?
    Yes, Zoom Phone does support accessing/managing multiple phone lines from your account.
  • Will 4-digit dialing still work?
    Yes. Type a number (or a name) in the Zoom software’s dial pad to search through your internal, external, and synced contacts.  Click a search result to make a call.
  • Will people see my personal number in Caller ID when I use Zoom from my cell phone?
    No.  If you make a call from the Zoom app on your phone, the people receiving your call will see your UMW phone number.  There are two instances where other UMW faculty and staff could see your personal number:  you have manually entered it into your Zoom profile or you have enabled “Phone Contacts Matching” in the Zoom app on your smartphone.
  • Will I still need to dial “9” to call off campus?
    No, you will no longer need to dial “9” to get an outside line.
  • My department has a service line that is shared among multiple people.  Will this still work?
    Yes.  In fact, managing shared service lines is easier in Zoom.
  • Will calls in Zoom interrupt my meetings?
    No.  You can hide notifications of incoming calls anytime you wish, or instead choose to let the call arrive and choose whether to send it directly to voicemail, put your meeting on hold to answer it, or even merge it into the meeting you are having.
  • Can I forward my University number to my personal cell phone or other phone?
    Zoom calls can be forwarded to smart phones or landline phones if needed.
  • What if I prefer to read my voicemail instead of hear it?
    Zoom automatically emails you both an audio and text transcription of your voicemail.  This can also be disabled if you prefer to not receive voicemail in email, and instead prefer to log into Zoom to hear these messages.
  • I prefer to use a headset for my Zoom meetings.  Will it work for Zoom phone as well?
    Yes, you can absolutely use the same headset you already have.
  • Can I choose to not use Zoom Phone?
    If you have a UMW assigned phone number, you must use Zoom Phone.

How to Questions

You can customize your Zoom Phone configuration through the Zoom portal here.

  • How do I make or receive a call with Zoom Phone?
    For instructions on how to place or receive calls with Zoom Phone, click here.
  • How do I define business hours to determine when I receive Zoom Phone calls?
    For information on how to define business hours for your Zoom Phone, click here.
  • How do I set up my voicemail greeting?
    For information on how to set up your voicemail greeting in Zoom Phone, click here.

If you have other questions about Zoom Phone, please contact the Help Desk.