Off-Campus Access To UMW Network Using VPN

The UMW internal network is accessible to UMW faculty, staff and administrators from off-campus.  This is achieved by using a Virtual Private Network connection, or VPN.  This is a special connection allows access to the most secure areas of the UMW network.

Most users do not need VPN access as all student and many employee systems are available via the internet.  If you have questions about access and if you need it, please contact the IT Help Desk.

To provide adequate IT security when using VPN, the following requirements are in place to use this connection:

  • A request for VPN access must be submitted by the employee and approved by the IT Security office as well as the employee’s supervisor.
  • Two-factor authentication must be used when logging in through VPN.
  • VPN connections to the UMW internal network are only permitted when using a UMW-owned device.  Personally-owned devices are not permitted to make VPN connections to the UMW internal network.
  • VPN connections to the Internet ONLY (not the internal network) are permitted on a personally-owned device.
  • Users assessing the network from off-campus agree to abide by the Network and Computer Use Policy, the Malicious Code Protection Standard, and the Remote Access Standard.

Systems that REQUIRE a VPN connection:

  • Banner INB (Internet Native Banner)  NOTE:  Banner SSB does NOT require VPN
  • Shared network folders (New Share, W drive, etc.)
  • Banner reporting through Report Central
  • Other specialized or secure systems

Some systems that DO NOT REQUIRE a VPN connection:

  • UMW employee email using the full Outlook client
  • Banner SSB (Self Service Banner) used by students and faculty for registration, posting and viewing final grades, advising, etc.
  • MyUMW, MyTime, Canvas, Outlook Web Access (OWA), Office 365 – including SharePoint departmental spaces, Library resources, EagleOne, EaglePay, editing UMW websites, and many more

If you have questions or concerns about VPN access, please contact the IT Help Desk.