Wireless Networks

Wireless networking increases the convenience and flexibility of communication, learning, and research. UMW has wireless connectivity available in every building, and many of the outdoor green spaces.

We broadcast several different wireless networks across the Fredericksburg, Stafford and Dahlgren Campuses.  Info about each network is presented below.  If you are experiencing difficulty connecting, contact the UMW IT Help Desk for assistance at 540-654-2255, helpdesk@umw.edu, or http://technology.umw.edu/helpdesk.


  • This is the main wireless network for students, faculty, staff and administration.  Use your UMW NetID and password to log in.  This network provides full access to online library items and services that you can’t get from the UMW-Guest network.
  • Employee access to higher security internal resources including Banner INB and shared network drives is not available on this network.  To make these connections, see “UMW-Secure” below.


  • The UMW-Guest wireless network is provided for visitors to UMW.  This network requires the user to create a username and password, or use Google or Facebook credentials to connect.
  • This network provides access to the Internet only.  UMW users should use the “UMW” wireless network to have access to UMW systems.


  • This is the residential student wireless network, and is available only to students living in UMW residence halls that have an active Apogee account.  This wireless network is available in academic and administrative buildings.  Use your UMW NetID and password to log in.


This encrypted network is accessible under the following conditions:

  • Only UMW faculty, administration and staff are eligible to access UMW-Secure.  Students should use “UMW” wireless, and all university guests should use the “UMW-Guest” wireless network.
  • Only UMW-owned devices are permitted to access “UMW-Secure.”  No personal laptops or personal devices are permitted on this wireless network. This ensures that only UMW-owned devices configured with proper UMW IT security software and settings are accessing this network.  If there are particular devices that require access to “UMW-Secure” and are excluded by this policy, contact IT Security to review your needs. (http://technology.umw.edu/information-security/meet-the-iso/)


  • All students, faculty and staff are eligible to use Eduroam.  This network is also available at many other educational institutions, and allows you to login using your UMW email address as the username, and your NetID password.
  • This map shows the US locations and institutions where you can use Eduroam:  https://www.eduroam.org/institutions
  • To configure Eduroam, you need to carefully follow the steps on this page for your PC, Mac or Linux computer, or your Android or iPhone mobile device:  https://www.eduroam.org/about/connect-yourself/
  • If you need further assistance, please bring your device to the Help Desk for configuration.