Residence Hall Network: ResNet by Apogee

If you have any questions or issues with the ResNet by Apogee services, contact their 24/7 support center at 888-478-8871.  They can help you add devices to your account (printers, phones, game consoles, etc.).  They can also assist if you are interested in upgrading to a “Choice” internet account.

If you are experiencing any problems with Apogee Support not resolving your issues, please contact the UMW IT Help Desk to let us know.

UMW has partnered with Apogee to provide network services in all residence halls.  Internet and cable TV service is part of your room and board package.  Students may upgrade to a “choice” for their internet connections, or may purchase telephone services by contacting Apogee when you move in to your room.

Basic account (no cost – part of your room and board package):

  • wired and wireless network access at speeds of 30 Mbps download, and 30 Mbps upload.
  • connect up to five devices on your account, including computers, game consoles, tablets, phones, streaming devices, etc.

Choice account (additional cost – contact Apogee support for cost information or to sign up):

  • wired and wireless network access at speeds of 40 Mbps download, and 40 Mbps upload.
  • connect up to ten devices on your account.

To maintain the best wireless speeds, be sure to register all your devices at – this allows you to have dedicated bandwidth to each device.  For example, if you have a laptop, tablet and phone, but don’t register each device, they would share the 30 Mbps bandwidth on a basic account.  If you register each device, they each get a dedicated 30 Mbps connection.

We recommend that students have a Ethernet cable available to plug your computer into the wired port in your room as a backup for times when the wireless connection might be congested or unavailable.  A long Cat 5 or Cat 6 cable (25 feet or longer) helps in case your desk is far from the network jack in your room.  While also recommend connecting to printers directly via USB cable for highest reliability.

To register for Apogee services users need to create an account on  You will be directed to the account creation page when you first connect your device to the Apogee wireless network on campus, or the wired connection in your residence hall.  Once you have your Apogee account, you can login to the Apogee wireless network in your residence hall, and all across campus.

The Apogee wireless network is available in residence halls and in the academic buildings across campus.  Two Apogee wireless connections are available:

  • “Apogee” wireless network that supports newer devices.  Connect to this one if you have it available.
  • “Apogee Legacy” wireless network that supports older devices.  If you have an older device, this is the Apogee network you will be required to connect to.
  • Remember!  Use your Apogee username and password to connect to Apogee wireless, not your UMW NetID and password.

PLEASE DO NOT BRING A WIRELESS ACCESS POINT TO CAMPUS.  Independent wireless access points cause wireless problems and interference for other users in the residence halls.  They are not permitted, so please leave them at home.