In response to the COVID pandemic, UMW purchased a limited number of Zoom licenses to support online instruction and teleworking. To better serve our teaching, learning and university operations, UMW has moved from a limited number of Zoom licenses to an enterprise site license.  With the site license, every UMW faculty, staff, and student has access to a Pro-level account.  Any retired faculty (including emeriti) and retired staff may continue using their existing Zoom account, however it will be a Basic account (time-limited meeting with fewer total attendees).  Other user who separate from the university (separated faculty and staff, alumni, inactive students, etc.) will lose access to their UMW Zoom account.

To access your Zoom account, you can log in at https://umw-sso.zoom.us with your UMW NetID and password.

To learn the basics of using Zoom, there are several video tutorials available on the Zoom support site.  Digital Learning Support also has some resources around getting started with Zoom.

If you need assistance installing the Zoom desktop app, please contact the Help Desk.  To sign in to the desktop app, please use the SSO (Single Sign-On) option.  When prompted for the domain, enter “umw-sso” and continue.  You should then be prompted for your UMW credentials.

If faculty need assistance with how to leverage Zoom for instruction, please contact Digital Learning Support.

As part of the conversion to a site license, we will be consolidating all current accounts with a UMW email address, under the enterprise site license.  What happens at that point depends on how your account was created.

  • If you requested/purchased an account through DLS or IT, you will not need to do anything.  Your account should already be under the UMW license.
  • If you purchased your own account and used your UMW email address, you will get a notice that your account will be merged with the UMW license.  You will be given two options for prorated reimbursements.  You should select the option to send the prorated refund to the account used to make the purchase.
  • Any accounts created using a non-UMW email address will not be merged into the UMW license, but you can log in as described above to create a new UMW Zoom account. If you would like to cancel your non-UMW Zoom account, you will need to log into you non-UMW account and cancel it there.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Help Desk at 540-654-2255 or helpdesk@umw.edu