Wireless Connections

Wireless networking increases the convenience and flexibility of computer-based communication, learning, and research. The wireless network enables you to connect your laptop to the campus network and the Internet from a variety of locations campus wide without having to plug in a data cable. The wireless network supplements the existing wired network and gives you more flexibility in choosing a connection location. Rather than having to sit within close proximity to a data outlet, you may connect to the wireless network from specified locations.

Wireless networking access points are installed in various locations throughout the university.   This web site provides information to members of the UMW community who wish to connect to the University’s wireless network.

You may connect to UMW’s wireless network in several ways; you may use the UMW-Secured connection (recommended), connect via a guest connection., or connect on the Apogee residential network.  In order to connect to the UMW-Secured wireless network users must first configure their machine.  If you are experiencing difficulty accessing the network please contact the UMW IT Help Desk at (540) 654-2255 or visit us in the basement of George Washington Hall during business hours.


  • The UMW-Secured wireless network is a secure wireless network.
  • The secured connection does require the user to have Cisco Clean Access Agent installed on their machine (if it is a Windows machine), as well as having their operating system (Windows/Mac/Linux) up to date. Users also need Virus detection/removal software that is up to date.  This means that the user’s computer is up-to-date and patched, and less vulnerable to viruses and other malware.


  • The UMW-Guest wireless network is a less secure network used primarily by visitors to UMW.
  • This connection requires the user to enter in an e-mail address and password. That user is then given access for a limited time.
  • The Guest connection is not encrypted, therefore it has significantly less security than the UMW-Secured connection.
  • A user connecting to the Guest connection does not have to have Cisco Clean Access Agent installed on their machine, nor do they need up to date operating systems and Virus detection/removal software.
  • Since a user’s machine doesn’t have to be up-to-date, it is vulnerable to viruses and malware.


  • Provides the same level of access as UMW-Guest. Users can authenticate to the guest network using the UMW NetID and password by opening their web browser after connecting.
  • Access to many internal resources including: Banner INB, Shared Drives, ext. is not available on this network.


  • Provides access for residential students through our ResNet provider.  Users can now use Apogee in academic and administrative buildings.