Getting Started

Prior to soliciting acquisition or development of an information technology project, please complete and submit the Project Research Form (PRF) on line.

What Next?

After the PRF has been submitted, the Project Management Office will work with you to clarify your specific needs and gather additional information as necessary. The PMO team will review proposals to determine compatibility with the IT environment, technical feasibility, possibility of meeting schedule, and availability of required resources.  The team will identify any unidentified risks, issues, and concerns related to the proposal and make recommendations as a group on projects to approve or deny.  Once the project is approved, the PMO team will categorize the project (H, M, L) and outline more specifically the project management and documentation requirements to be fulfilled in order for the project to proceed.

Before you submit a Project Research Form (PRF)

The key to proposing an IT project is having a clear vision of the end result.  For a project to be successful, it is important to determine in advance what the project will produce.  Sometimes project goals are indecisive or vague.  Projects often start as wide, open-ended concepts.  All goals and objectives may not be fully determined at the conception of a project. Be prepared to provide the following information so that your proposal can be fully assessed:

  • Description of the business need: Why the project is necessary and how it will benefit UMW and your department?
  • Requested schedule: When is the proposed solution needed and why are these dates necessary?
  • Dependencies: Does the project interact with other UMW systems?  Are other university departments involved or impacted?
  • Cost/Funding source: Has a funding source been identified and approved?

If you have questions about Project Management, please contact the Project Management Office at