Security Awareness

Most breaches and compromises of sensitive data can be prevented by security awareness and good security habits.  All UMW employees are required to complete annual security awareness training.  Employees responsible for administering or supporting central UMW IT systems, or for authorizing access to sensitive data, will be required to attend additional security awareness training.  University employee security awareness training requirements are outlined in the Information Security Awareness Education Standard.


In addition to the online annual security awareness course found in Canvas, a useful set of Annual Security Awareness Training slides are available for self-paced learning. We encourage you to utilize these slides for your own review of the security awareness training content — or to review information security basics with your student aides or others.

If you would like to request a special-topic or targeted information security session for your department or project team, please contact:

Ray Usler – Director of IT Security and Information Security Officer (ISO), (540) 654-2152