Password Standard

Password Complexity, Expirations Rules, and a Screen Saver Inactivity Lockout

The University of Mary Washington requires the use of complex passwords for accessing university systems.  The use of complex passwords and an expiration requirement protects university systems and data.

Password complexity rules:

  • A password length of a minimum of 8 characters
  • At least one number and at least one letter required
  • At least one upper case letter required
  • At least one lower case letter required

Password expiration/change rules:

  • Must change password upon initial new user login
  • Must regularly change passwords every 90 days
  • Cannot reuse the same password again within 24 password changes
  • Cannot change password more than once in a 24 hour period

Screen Saver Lockout:

  • A Screen Saver Lockout will be set at 30 minutes of inactivity


Version History and Approvals

Version Date Status Edits/Changes Edited by
V1.0 January 3, 2011 Final Release Approved D. German
V2.0 July 31,2012 Revision Added bullet four to complexity rules and screen saver timeout section R. Usler
V2.0 July 31,2012 Evaluation Review Release Approved J. Webb