Recent Theme Changes

Recently, we upgraded many pieces of the website, including Genesis, the "parent theme" that helps provide much of the features and functionality found in our website theme. As part of that update, the authors of Genesis removed the option to enable and disable the Primary and Secondary Navigation menus. The UMW website theme used the Secondary Navigation Menu option to determine whether or not to display the gray menu bar at the top of certain sites. As a result of this change, we had to remove the dependency on that option. Therefore, many site owners may now be seeing a large, ugly gray menu bar at the top of their sites with all of their pages listed. If this is the case, you can solve this issue fairly easily. To do so, please go to Appearance -> Menus in your administration area. Then, create a new menu and leave it empty (don't add any links to it). Once you've saved the new, empty menu, choose that menu from the "Secondary Navigation Menu" dropdown box (EDIT: Make … [Read more...]