Why Can’t I Edit My Page?

When you're trying to edit a page on your site, occasionally, you might not be able to actually edit it. Instead, the editor window will be blank, your toolbar will be missing, and, if you scroll down the page a little bit, you'll probably notice that much of the rest of the editor page is missing, too. More than likely, one of the most recent things someone did while editing this page, was to upload a PDF or Word document to attach to the page. The problem is, the original plugin we used to create slideshows within the site, Easy Page Slideshow, attempts to process those PDF documents as images; when it can't figure out how to create a thumbnail of the PDF, it stops loading the editor page altogether. The quickest way to solve the issue is to delete attachments one-by-one until the editor starts working again. To do so, you can click "Delete Image" in the "Slideshow" box below the editor. When you do so, the attachment will be deleted from the server and the editor page will … [Read more...]

Recent Theme Changes

Recently, we upgraded many pieces of the website, including Genesis, the "parent theme" that helps provide much of the features and functionality found in our website theme. As part of that update, the authors of Genesis removed the option to enable and disable the Primary and Secondary Navigation menus. The UMW website theme used the Secondary Navigation Menu option to determine whether or not to display the gray menu bar at the top of certain sites. As a result of this change, we had to remove the dependency on that option. Therefore, many site owners may now be seeing a large, ugly gray menu bar at the top of their sites with all of their pages listed. If this is the case, you can solve this issue fairly easily. To do so, please go to Appearance -> Menus in your administration area. Then, create a new menu and leave it empty (don't add any links to it). Once you've saved the new, empty menu, choose that menu from the "Secondary Navigation Menu" dropdown box (EDIT: Make … [Read more...]

New Tutorial on Managing the Users on your Site

Did you know that you can add users on your site yourself, without the intrusion of the system administrator or webmaster? Did you also know that everyone in your department is automatically an "Author" on your site? To find out about what all this means, plus how to use Wordpress user management tools in UMW.EDU, visit the new tutorial video and instructions > … [Read more...]

WordPress 3.3 is here!

As the administrators of UMW Blogs (the "Cool Kids") will tell you, UMW.EDU administrators (the "Nerds") are always the last kids on the block to get with the upgrades. But, we finally did it! Wordpress 3.3 has some differences in the interface and it will take some adjusting. However, once you get used to the side navigation rollovers, you will never want to go back to that moldy old 3.2. And if you've been using UMW Blogs this semester, you've been using 3.3. If you feel like you want to see a preview, head on over to the Wordpress101 Videos where you can get the lay of the land, and see how the new interface differs from what you've been using. Remember, you'll need to login to see these videos! … [Read more...]