Projects and Initiatives

Active Projects

List of currently active projects managed by IT

Project   Description  IT Project Manager     Status 
Migration of Faculty/Staff email to Office 365 Migration of faculty and staff email to Office 365. S. Mastin Next step is the migration of Purchasing Dept after winter break.

Listing of currently active projects managed by other Departments and supported by IT

Project                   Description                                 Department     Status
Jepson Science Center Expansion and Renovation Expansion and renovation of the Jepson Science Center (40,000 sq ft addition) College of Arts and Sciences/IT Work has begun on roadway relocation, utilities, and site grading.
Cardinal Payroll Replacement of CIPPS payroll system. COV/Finance/IT The new data base for Cardinal Interface testing was created with production data as of 11/15/17. New upload requirements were released which require rework and additional testing.  Coding is in progress. Testing is expected to begin early December and to be completed by mid-January.  The Mock 3 conversion files were sent to Cardinal on time.      
Copy, print and mail services (SWISS POST Solutions) The current contract has reached end of term.   New contract for mail services, central copy center and decentralized multifunction devices (aka: copiers) Business Services ITSS continues to work with SPS on the Pharos replacement project.  A proposal has been generated by SPS.  Kathy Sandor is evaluating next steps.  IT hopes to move forward to be on PaperCut in labs at the start of the Spring Semester               
Digital Commons Digital Commons will provide a robust platform for the creation of an institutional repository. The repository will house student and faculty research and creative endeavors, university publications and records, and archival materials.   Implementation:  $18,992 Simpson Library Implementation in progress.  The site is ready, and are beginning the process of moving content into it starting with the electronic versions of Honors and Graduate theses, which we had already collected.  We have also recruited a small group of faculty with whom we will work on bringing their publications into the repository.       
Degree Works Degree mapping tool for students Office of the Provost Project continues to progress. The consultant will be on campus December 12-15.  Weekly status calls are happening weekly to ensure we meet our target date. 
Chrome River Travel and Expense Management Solution Implement Travel and Expense Management solution – Implementation date no later than June 30, 2018 Finance Purchase completed, PM assigned, preliminary questionnaires answered, will kick off Jan 2018
StarRez Implementation of a more comprehensive student housing solution (replacing current Simplicity Residence system) Residence Life Tech calls occurring weekly, gathering requirements for demographic import and creating test file, setting up SSO into the system for Staff and Students.          
Dual Card Readers for Campus Vending Machines The Dual readers will replace the single card readers on existing machines. The new readers accept credit cards and campus debit cards. EagleOne Card Office Readers not yet implemented. Once finance/accounting is in place, will work with Blackboard Transact to get that side setup. Last step will be to have the vendors (Pepsi & Campbell’s) change out the readers on the machines from the hardwire readers that only accept EagleOne to the cellular readers that will accept EagleOne, credit/debit card and mobile payments. The University will only be handling the EagleOne sales, the reader manufacturer (USA Technologies) works directly with the vendor to manage the credit card payments.
Dynamic Forms (Documentation workflow with e-sign capability) Research and implementation of an interactive, online forms that can be published to the internet. Office of Financial Aid The project with Dynamic Forms is ongoing. There are a few forms (Financial Aid and Advancement) that we are planning to go live with in December. These will be followed shortly by the Registrar and Admission’s forms. NextGen and IT are also working to make sure the APIs from Dynamic Forms to Banner function properly so that Banner can be updated.