Steps to Take BEFORE Your Account is Moved

As part of the transition to Office 365, you will need to complete a few steps to get ready for the migration of your email to Office 365

  1. To expedite the migration of your account, please go into your email account and clean up as much as possible before the migration. Empty the junk folder and deleted items folder and perform other clean-up tasks as needed. The more things in the mailbox the more time it will take to fix and migrate.
  2. Review your deleted items folder. Items in the “Deleted Items” folder will only be retained for 30 days following the migration. The 30-day retention policy only applies to the “Deleted Items” folder. Items in other folders that are older than 30 days will remain. If you wish to retain those deleted items, we recommend you move them to a different folder prior to the migration.Be sure to backup any files stored in OneDrive or other applications in your account in the cloud. This account will be deleted during the process and not recoverable.
  3. Please make sure to shut down your computer before you leave work the day of your migration.
  4. When your migration is scheduled, please plan for your e-mail to be down for a full day. You may need alternate e-mail., or text contact information as well in order to communicate during the process and ensure once completed your e-mail is working properly.