Steps to Take AFTER Your Account is Moved

After your account has been moved to Office 365, you will need to do dome finals steps. You cannot do these steps ahead of time.  Be sure to do these steps on any computer you use (at home or at work).

Step 1: Boot, Reboot or Restart Your Computer

If your computer was left on the day of your migration, please reboot/restart it now; if not, turn on your computer.

Step 2: Confirm your email account has been migrated

  • Once your email is converted, your email account will repeatedly prompt for credentials – this is your indication that your account has successfully moved to the cloud. You will need to re-authenticate to the Outlook client. Please try to minimize the use of e-mail while we finalize the mailboxes. The less use the quicker it goes.
  • After the migration is complete, if you are a user of Outlook Web Access (OWA) you will no longer be able to successfully sign into the on-premise server or from the Web site’s Faculty/Staff Outlook Web Access link.  You can now go directly to or use the Student Eaglemail icon on the web page.
  • Once migrated, you may be required to enter credentials when logging into the Outlook Client on your PC.
  • You may have to remove the current entry for your UMW email account on your personal phone, tablet, or other devices (we know this to be the case for all iOS devices), and re-add it once the conversion is complete. If you are given the choice of account type as Exchange or Office 365, please select Office 365.