Changing A Live@EDU Password

The initial password that will be provided for your Live@EDU account can be used only once.  You must create a new password the first time that you access Live@EDU, and for optimal security, you should change your password on a regular basis.  Following are the instructions for changing your password.

  1. Open a browser window (Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox are recommended).
  2. Access the Windows Live ID website:
    The Windows Live ID window will display.
  3. Sign into your Windows Live ID account using your e-mail address and current password.  Your e-mail address login will be in the format,, where “yourloginid” is the UMW network login assigned to you.
    log in
    The Windows Live webpage will display, and the Account summary section will be located on the left side of the page.
  4. Under the columns for Password Reset Information, select Change.
    password change
    A window entitled Change your password will display.
    strong password required
    Where prompted, enter your old and new passwords.  The standards for password creation are noted below:

    • Contains 7 to 16 characters.
    • Uses three of the following four types of characters:
      • Uppercase letters (A,B,C).
      • Lowercase letters (a, b, c).
      • Numerals (1, 2, 3).
      • Symbols (` ~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ + – = { } | [ ] : ” ; ‘ < > ? , . /).
      • Isn’t a common word or name, or a close variation on a common word or name.
  5. As you type the new password that you’ve selected, the Password strength indicator will change to provide a measurement of the effectiveness of the password.  For the security of your webmail documents, it is strongly advised that you create a password that is determined to be “strong”.
    Click on the link, Get help with this, should you need assistance in creating a strong password.
  6. For additional security, you might wish to click the box labeled “Make my password expire every 72 days”.
    expire 72 days
    By checking this box, your password will automatically expire every 72 days. At that time, you will be prompted to create a new password. This provides an additional level of security for your personal accounts.
  7. After all entries are complete, click Save to save the password change.