Object Search

The Object Search icon, which is located next to the Go To… field, can be used to access the Object Search form (GUIOBJS).  You will use this form to access menus, jobs, forms and QuickFlows if you know only part of its name, description, or type.  When the Object Search form is launched the calling form remains open and will be displayed again when the Object Search form is exited.



You may enter search criteria in any or all of the Name, Description, or Type information fields. Enter the known information, using wildcard characters as needed. The wildcard characters are % and _.

To Get These Results

  Enter This

All entries that contain ma %ma%
All entries that begin with ma ma%
All entries that end with ma %ma
All entries that have m as second character _m%

After entering known information into fields, select the Execute Query option from the Query drop-down menu. A list of matches appears in the Search form.

If necessary, scroll to the desired object and select it. In this case, you can either click the Start button or double-click the object name to launch it.