My Links

Located in the right side bar, My Links include:

Change Banner Password — this link launches the Oracle Password Change Form (GUAPSWD), where you can change your password.

Check Banner Message — takes you to the Banner Message Form (GUAMESG), where you can view your messages. A green check mark appears next to the link when you initially log in and have pending messages, or whenever a new message arrives. The pop-up alert for new messages is no longer displayed.

Note:  Make sure you do not have pop-ups blocked with third-party software.

Google’s pop-up blocker may be bypassed by holding down the CONTROL key and then clicking your personal link.
Personal Links — enable you to create up to six links to favorite URLs or often-used Banner objects.

To customize your personal links:

  1. From the Menu bar select File menu, then Preferences.
  2. Select the My Links tab.  If necessary, scroll to the Link that you’d like to customize and enter a link name in the description field.  This will be applied when you refresh Banner.
  3. Notice that each link contains two records; one for its description and the other for its link.  By default the first record holds the My Institution link information, the second holds the description for Banner 8 Documentation, and the third holds the link for Banner 8 Documentation.
  4. In the next record’s User Value field, enter the URL (example: or form name (example: GUAGMNU) that will launch the object described in the previous record’s User Value field.
  5. Click the Save icon (  ), or press  to save your changes.