Records Menu

The record menu contains the functions that provide access to records in a form.

  • Previous moves the cursor to the first enterable field in the previous record in the current block.
  • Next moves the cursor to the first enterable field in the next record of the current block. If the cursor is on the last record, a new record is created.
  • Scroll Up the list of repeating records placing the first record near the bottom of the list.
  • Scroll Down the list of records, putting the last record near the top of the list.
  • Clear all fields in the current record. The information is not removed from any records or tables.
  • Remove all information from the current record. When the Save function is initiated, this information is permanently deleted.
  • Insert a new, blank record into the list of existing records.
  • Duplicate the contents of all fields in the current record and copies them into a new record.
  • Lock the content of the record temporarily so that another Banner 8 user cannot update it. The Save, Rollback, and Exit functions release the lock.