Hierarchical Folder Structure

Notice that items are nested within a hierarchical folder structure. Each can be expanded or collapsed by double-clicking the folder icon to the left of the menu name.

The two main folders are My Banner and the Products Menu.

  • My Banner — contains the menus, forms, jobs, and QuickFlows which are most important in the workday of the individual user and can be customized to best meet the user’s needs. This menu is tied to a user’s Oracle user ID.
  • Products Menu (Banner) — organizes menus, forms, jobs, and QuickFlows by Products.

When double-clicked, each folder expands to reveal its contents, which may be submenus, forms, jobs, or QuickFlows. Once you have drilled down through the menu structure to the item that you need, you can double-click it, or its icon, to access it. Although menus are visible, you may not have permission to access all of them.

To collapse or close each menu, double-click its folder icon.

Collapsed Folder
Expanded Folder