The Java Client

The workstation configuration for users that will be using Banner 8 should include the Java Plug-in runtime to support the running of the Oracle forms.

The Java plug-in is software that must reside on all Windows machines that use Banner for student, human resources, payroll, advancement and finance business transactions.  It runs automatically when you use your web browser to login to Banner. It is used for connectivity between a Windows-based client and Oracle Application Forms.

The Java plug-in is used to run Java applets on a desktop client, and it provides a delivery mechanism that enables Oracle  forms to be run from within a browser in a stable and supported manner.

The first time you login to Banner 8 the browser will notify you that the plug-in is required and walk you through the steps for loading the necessary plug-in.

Some users will experience difficulties installing the Java client automatically. Instructions for installing the client manually are found here; Java.