System Requirements at a Glance

This list provides a quick glance at what you’ll need to get “up and running” with Banner 8.  More specific instructions are found on the following pages.

Access Privileges You must have a valid NetID and Password (INB has a dedicated password, SSB is accessed through the Eaglelink portal using your Network password.)
Use a Certified Browser:
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer v6 – with the Java plug-in
  • Netscape v7.0x – with Java plug-in
  • Safari v1.2
  • Mozilla Firefox – works, but is not certified
  • Internet Explorer 7 – is not certified
Display It is recommended that users have their displays configured for at least a 1024×768 screen resolution.
Software PDF Reader is necessary for access to Help. Acrobat Reader can be downloaded free from Adobe (see
Administrator Rights You must have sufficient permissions to install software/plug-ins on the PC. Caution:  Use this account only when needed.
Pop-Ups Allow pop-ups from the Banner 8 site.and from Eaglelink.
Java Plug-in Should be installed upon first use.
Current TNS Names file The current TNS Names file will be distributed to you if you need the capability that this file gives you.