Pop-Up Blockers

Pop-ups are small windows that appear in the foreground of an Internet browser.  Pop-ups are often used to display advertising or unwanted content on the screen; however, they can be integrated into some websites for practical purposes.

Pop-up blockers can interfere with the performance of Banner.  Make sure that you do not have pop-ups with Internet Explorer’s built-in utility, or with any third-party software. Pop-up windows must be allowed for this site; the Pop-up Blocker can be told to remember these sites so pop-up windows are allowed to launch.  This information is stored on your computer in what’s known as a “whitelist” (as opposed to a “blacklist”). The Pop-up Blocker uses the whitelist to turn itself off when you visit sites whose pop-ups you would like to see. Add the Banner site to the list of exceptions for suppressed pop-ups.

Pop-Ups and Internet Explorer

  1. Start Internet Explorer.
  2. Open the Tools menu.
  3. Click on the Pop-up Blocker sub menu.
  4. Click on the Pop-up Blocker Settings option.
  5. In the Add field, enter the following URL https://inb8.umw.edu
  6. Click the Add button.
  7. Click the Close button.

Pop-Ups and the Google Toolbar

The Google Toolbar and Banner and not always compatible. The toolbar may cause Banner to crash. Please click here to see the section on removing The Google Toolbar .