Getting Help

Banner has several kinds of help that can give you immediate online assistance.  As with other tools and resources, you will find — and utilize — the best method that meets your needs.  The types of Banner help that are available are:

  • Online Help — This is online information about forms and fields as well as tasks you can perform with Banner.
  • Dynamic Help — This is the original help for Banner forms, blocks, and fields. SunGard Higher Education Banner Dynamic Help is gradually being replaced by online help.
  • Bookshelf — This tool lets you access Banner documents directly from your computer by using a desktop shortcut. These electronic documents look the same as the hard copy versions, regardless of the computer you are using.
  • Help (Item Properties) — This list shows all the properties of the field where the cursor is currently located.
  • Show Keys — This list shows the Oracle functions and associated keystrokes available in your environment for the field, window, and form where the cursor is currently located.
  • Auto hint — This hint at the bottom of the form briefly describes the field where the cursor is located. Error and processing messages also appear here.
  • About SunGard Higher Education Banner — Provides Current Version Information About Banner 8.