Form Window Components

The main components of a form window include:

The Form Title bar


The Key Block

The Information Block

Form Window Title bar

Each window has its own Title bar. The main window’s Title bar contains the form name which includes the form description, its seven-character name, the Banner 8 release number, and the database name. All other windows in the form have their own unique names. When a form window is active its Tile bar is highlighted.

You can move a form window by dragging its Title bar to a new location. However, you cannot move it outside of the main form window. You may also resize windows.

Notice the (  ) series of buttons located in the top right corner of the Title bar. Use these to Minimize or Exit the form window and return to the Main Menu. You can also use the Exit button (  ) on the Tool bar to Exit the form and navigate back to the Main Menu.