Viewing Job Submission Output

You can view Job Submission output online with the Saved Output Review Form (GJIREVO) regardless of the file extension:

  • The .log file can be viewed for the Letter Extract Process (GLBLSEL).
  • The .log, .lis, and .doc (for mail merge) files can be viewed for the Letter Generation Print Report (GLRLETR). These files can be written to the database, if so requested, and can be displayed or saved to your local desktop machine. This feature works with Pro*C programs only.

Need more of an explanation.

Viewing Output in with a Browser Window

You may choose to display output in a browser window.

To set up online viewing:

  1. Access the General User Preferences Maintenance Form (GUAUPRF).
  2. Click the Directory Options tab. The Directory Options window appears.
  3. Scroll to the record where Description is Enter the name of your Web Output URL.
  4. In the User Value field, enter the URL that contains the logic used to pull GJIREVO output from the database and display it in a browser window. Note about how someone would know this. 
  5. Click the OK button.


To view, save, and print online output:

  1. Use the Process Submission Control Form (GJAPCTL) to run the report or process as usual. Enter DATABASE in the Printer field.
  2. Access the Saved Output Review Form (GJIREVO). The form shows the Process and Number of the report or process just run.
  3. Double-click the File Name field and select the log or list file you want to display. The output is displayed.
  4. Select Show Documents (Save and Print File) from the Options menu. A dialog box asks if you want to continue.
  5. Click the Yes button. Output is displayed in a browser window.
  6. (Optional) To save the output, use the browser File>Save As option.
  7. (Optional) To print the output:
    • If you have not already done so, use the browser File>Save As option to save the output.
    • Open the saved output.
    • Use the File>Print option to print the output