Online Help

Banner online help contains information about forms and fields, as well as tasks you can perform with Banner. This help system runs in a web browser. Installation and configuration information is contained in the SunGard Higher Education Banner Middle Tier Implementation Guide. These activities are performed by your site administrator.

Accessing Online Help for a Form

When you access online help, information about the current form is displayed. From there, you can browse to other topics within the help system, or use the search and index features to look for specific topics.

To display online help for a form, click on the Online Help button in the Tool bar.


Browsing for Topics

The Contents tab and the bread crumb trail both enable you to browse for topics categorically. Form and field information is organized by Banner module. Task information is contained under the Procedures heading.

  • Click the Online Help button in the Tool bar.
  • Select Help>Online Help.


Searching for Topics

The Search tab allows you to search for topics within the help system. You can also use your browser’s “search on page” feature to find specific text on a help page.


Using the Index

The Index tab provides an alphabetical listing of topics within the help system. When you enter the letters of a term, the index will scroll through the topics to the closest alphabetical match.


Using the Field  Link

Many form descriptions are quite long, so sometimes you will find a link that goes to field descriptions on a separate page.


Accessing the Help Center

If you want information about forms and tasks for another Banner product, use the Help Center link, which is available from the main menu of Banner, or from anywhere within the help system.


From the Main Menu



From Within the Help System

From either the main menu or within the help system, the Help Center appears.