Navigating in the Maintenance Form

Before showing you how to manipulate the My Banner list, we’ll share some quick tips on how to navigate throughout the elements of the Maintenance form.

Navigating Blocks

Using the Previous Block keyboard command will move your cursor in a continuous clock-wise direction—going from the right to the left pane, then to the Object Type drop-down list, then back to the right pane again. Next Block will move your cursor in a counter clock-wise direction—going from the Type drop-down list to the left pane, then back to the right pane. However, if using <Next Block> the cursor will stop in the right pane.

The Previous Block (  ) and Next Block (  ) icons in the Tool bar will move your cursor in the same way as mentioned above.

Navigating Lists

Use the <Next and Previous Record> keyboard commands to scroll through object lists. The Next Record (  ) and Previous Record (  ) icons in the Tool bar will also scroll through the lists.

If the number of objects exceeds the available space, a vertical scroll bar will appear next to the object list, allowing you to scroll quickly through the list.