Using the Search Feature

If the search button can perform more than one function, the button displays an Option List.

Click the desired option.  Once selected, the form is presented. You may choose to make a case sensitive search with this form.

If an Option List is not displayed, the form or window appears automatically.

Name Searches

Name searches in Banner are NOT case sensitive, and assume a full database search – in other words; it searches both the student and employee database. For that reason, you may wish to narrow your search down by including a first name, or by using wildcards.

Enter (PPAIDEN) in the Go To field.

  1. Click the Search icon
  2. Click the Person Search link.
    Note:Always use a % after a last name eve if you think you know the full name.  The % wildcards will catch suffixes like Jr. or III.

  3. The Person Search form (SOAIDEN) can be used with case sensitivity on or off.
  4. Tab to the Last Name field and enter the name that you wish to search for.
  5. Press the enter key or the [F8] key to execute your query.
  6. After your search results come back you can double-click the name you want or highlight it and click the Select icon to return the data to your calling form

To Use Icons:

If a field has an icon, the auto hint identifies the equivalent function that can be used instead of the button. If the button can perform more than one function, each equivalent is identified in the auto hint.

Click the appropriate icon.